"The true Gift is You, you only come here to remember it..."

Karina Telerman K. Movement


Welcome to this RECEIVING RECIBIR…

Here I will leave you many gifts, , little things that I would like to share with you. Above all, I intend to give you useful, simple resources that you can apply to your real life... Tools that have really helped me, are applicable and somewhat different from what you are used to doing.

My goal is that everything you do brings you closer to discovering yourself, to recognizing yourself as the magical Being that you already are. If these gifts have served you in any way, I appreciate if you'd share them; que se los give it to someone else, the wheel of Abundance (giving and receiving), continues to turn. And I give you Thanks for visiting my website, and allowing yourself to Receive…

I offer you my "medicine" so that you may remember yours.


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