After having trained and explored in myself with various bodily and emotional techniques, I'm happy to say that my "method" was born in 2020.

I've put the word "method" in quotes because what I least want, is to transmit something limiting. On the contrary, in my movement classes and private sessions of personal growth, I accompany you to un-create and create continually in new ways of moving, thinking, looking at life, and looking at yourself. 

A broad and loving look at your every change and vital processes.

The Movement K. IS Evolutionary, that means, it is alive! It continues to grow like any living being, like any relationship ... so it grows and grows richer as I share it with you. 

To understand it in its depth, you need to know it, try it andlearn it, so to feel it in your own body and en tu vida real del día a día. 

All my experiences as a human being, and from all the techniques, methods, training, books, and especially people that I have met who served as mirrors of myself; from all these details, the Movement K. Evolutionary is nourished.

 What is the 'Movement K. Evolutionary' class like?

In our classes, we make space for:

* Active emotional listening

Sharing what we feel at all times has become one of the keys to transformation for all persons. You only share if you wish, but even by listening, true insights are produced in your make up, (taking into account that we are united with other beings by resonance).

Through the proposal of a weekly or monthly theme, related to personal-spiritual growth and creating a safe and secure atmosphere, all voices are heard and held and the heart opening occurs in an organic and natural way. Here too, we are discovering the hidden mastery behind each difficulty ...

* The holistic movement

The fascias are made up of the broadest connective tissue of our entire physical body, and our cellular memories are housed there. So, based on various studies about this "magical" tissue, different movement techniques (such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, Bioenergetics, Biodanza, etc..) and in the Bowspring (the evolution of the movement), I offer you movements in each class totally different from what you have tried before. Body parts that you didn't even know existed will begin to move, stretch, contort and therefore receive a new supply of oxygen. This could make you feel weird and different, but the cellular memories will start to activate itself, to be finally released!

Learn more about Bowspring at www.globalbowspring.com 

 * Conscious breathing and continuous sensation check-ins

We use the breath as the key that opens the movement, exploring pranayama, powerful breaths, soft turtle breaths and allowing sounds, yawns, howls, growls or whatever the body needs to arise naturally in each movement wave. We take spaces to realize what we are feeling and thus increase the connection with your body and with your feelings.

* Assimilation, relaxation and meditation

After a movement session we take the time-space to completely surrender to the process that is taking place. Both on a neurological, physical, energetic and spiritual level, subtle changes happens and it is necessary to let it settle inwithout intervening in that transformation that happens naturally, without our intervention. This is the space where we only allow, trust, and surrender to life with its incredible wisdom; we do and undo, beyond our will….

If you are curious, if you feel the call, if your soul have resonated with any of the above, I encourage you to trust your intuition, listen to that inner voice, and experiment with me!

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