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  • I offer you my "medicine" so that you remember which one is yours.

  • K. Evolutionary Movement. What I do, what I love. Keep reading..

  • Observe, recognize and transform yourself: move with life.

  • The real "Gift" is You, here you only come to remember it.


Who am I?

My name is Karina Telerman



    I was born in Argentina, although I have been living in Marbella, Spain for 20 years! The body and its innate intelligence attracted my attention since I was little, which led me to experience various forms of movement such as dance, bio-energy, bio dance, Feldenkrais, Yoga…. and more.

    I've studied 'Social Work' and later, after many years of practice and self-knowledge, I was trained as a Yoga teacher, then a Yoga teacher for children and for Pregnancy and Postpartum, and for some years I have been practicing and teaching Bowspring (an innovative method and powerful). Sigue leyendo aquí.

  • Alessandra Muzio Sanguinetti

    "I recommend the classes and Karina because they are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE. Karina and her therapies form a large part of my journey, of this that I continue to live, accompanying me with her own feelings, from respect and love. Her "accompaniments" to put it in some way, come from deep within with a lot of different techniques from movement and feeling of the body as well as speaking and sharing, always being simply her, a being, teacher and eternal apprentice renewing herself, thank you for all Karina ". [Facebook]

  • María Paula Maggiora

    Holistic Nutritionist. Creator of @estado_natural: "Kary's Classes are a call to inhabit the body from a different perspective, a new perspective! I discovered spaces in me that I did not know, what remained forgotten or that had never been observed. She invites you to flow in each class accompanying the feeling and energy of "that" moment, you always have the permission simply to BE. Time follows another logic and another rhythm each time you practice with it, it is a Guide that helps you discover yourself, empower yourself and value yourself. Each class is a celebration of what we can do with the body in deep connection with our soul. "

  • Cynthia Sanguinetti

    "I started my classes practically because of a personal commitment and from there ,my body committed itself to Kari's method. Excellent classes, it helped me a lot in every way. Our teacher is very special and she gives herself to each one of us. Thank you so much Kari ". [Facebook]

  • Antonio Martínez

    Discovering yoga was something magical for me, it taught me to control my nerves and control some difficult situations for me ... and more when Mrs. Karina came to our class, who was a breath of fresh air in my life, it could not have been better. . Inside I appreciate her a lot and I remember her a lot, I will always be grateful for her help and the love she gave us all. NAMASTE." Antonio Martínez [Facebook]

  • Victoria García Garcilazo

    Astrologer | Tarotist @lavictoriadevenus: "The classes with Karina are of another level, not only because she is super professional but because she is very loving and also intuitive. I love how he thinks every encounter we have to give me the tools that I can handle for my well-being. With her I am reconnecting with my body from a very primary place that excites me a lot ". "The classes with Karina are of another level, not only because she is super professional but because she is very loving and also intuitive. I love how he thinks of each encounter we have to give me the tools that I can handle for my well-being. With her I am reconnecting with my body from a very primary place that excites me a lot ".

  • Ana Lucia Alves


    Karina is just wonderful. She helped me overcome a chronic low back pain that I suffered from for over two decades. She is caring, patient, and loving; she never judges and is always a great listener. I could not recommend her method, therapies and association more.

  • Diana

    "The private sessions with Karina are a journey of deep introspection where only I find the answers to my crises and questions; and without her, I would not be able to discover it." Diana @dianadiazac

  • Myriam Sierra Monteverde

    "My experiences with the different yoga practices prescribed by my neurosurgeon more than 20 years ago had their effect for a time. Practicing Hatha yoga, iyengar and other styles. Over the years my body asked me for less stiffness and more feeling in my interior. My nervous system was not making progress in its recovery, but when I met Karina Telerman and her Bow Spring method, a revolutionary practice where curves, the pelvis and its tensegrity are important, a natural way to return to what we were subtly. The relearning to treat us, with tenderness and not forcing, leads you to practice with an intimate and powerful intensity, without pretense. Now, if you feel like crying or screaming because something moved inside of you, this is your place. " Myriam @bookforwellnes

  • Yolanda

    Karina ha cambiado mi vida por completo, y todavía a día de hoy sigue teniendo mucho peso en esta transformación. Antes de iniciar este camino tan lindo con ella de mi mano, he ido a diferentes tipos de terapias, desde las más usuales - psicólogos, psiquiatra…- hasta otras más místicas y/o alternativas, y no dudo de que todas ellas hayan podido aportar algo a mi vida, pero siempre tenía esa sensación de que, aún habiendo abordado el tema o la cuestión por la que acudía a ellos, no acababa de sentirme completa, de sentirme agusto, de sentir que se había hecho “algo” de forma efectiva….. Hasta que conocí a Karina quien me ha ( y me está) mostrando una visión del mundo totalmente diferente. Sus terapias no son nada convencionales, puesto que es un compendio de unas tantas y fruto de su propia cosecha; además, no se ciñen a la terapia “en vivo” en exclusiva, es decir, que no sólo se aplica durante la sesión en la que nos vemos, sino que ella te acompaña día a día, por medio de consejos, de enseñanzas, de escucha, te muestra las herramientas que tú mismo tienes para poder afrontar las distintas pruebas que nos pone la vida. Ella ha cambiado mi mundo, para mucho mejor; ella me ha hecho comprender el mundo de una forma más bonita, más pacífica, más liviana….. así que, agradecida de corazón, por una parte, y por otra, recomiendo encarecidamente a Karina para todos aquellos que estén dispuestos a salir de la Caverna (platónica).... Gracias Karina! Yolanda @pryskia


Hi! I welcome you to my blog, at this time in Spanihs only. This is a timeless space where I will share my feelings, according to how I am living it in each vital moment. A magical space where I can pour out ideas, resources, questions, melodies, images and everything that makes me want to give to the world ... Rich things that inspire us and allow us to unleash our creativity and imagination, and thus continue to grow together. Thanks for reading and being inspired!


I have lived in Marbella since 2001. Marbella gives me what I need. I resonate with this place and its people. Marbella is located in the south of Spain, facing Africa. I guess this makes it a place of cultural heterogeneity and that feeling of vacation all year round. I love the sunlight here, it's amazing! And I feel that this greatly affects my energy and the way I look at life. I love living between the mountains and the sea with a very short distance between them ... I feel "sheltered" by them, and this also creates a particular and very special atmosphere here .... The mountains and the sea have a permanent conversation, and that creates a microclimate in this area, with mild temperatures all year round and the possibility to experience the seasons without sudden changes. The combination of nature and a small city is the right balance for the life I choose now.


Spain, Europe

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